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Pet Boarding for Dogs, Cats, and More

We provide a clean, caring and loving environment for your pet family. Stop by and see for yourself!

Young Girl with many animals for boarding

When you can’t take them with you, we are here to help. 

If you wish to check on your pet, just call our facility and you will be given a first hand report. You will also have the peace of mind that a veterinarian is close at hand if need be. There are no hidden charges!


All food for boarding must come in pre-packaged bags for each pets meal, or one large bag that can be portioned out easily. If a dog is boarded for longer than three weeks, we will accept a larger container of food.

Our pet boarding facility is climate controlled with heated floors in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, and a staff that really cares. Your pets will enjoy their stay here with us, as they will receive the same love and care that you give them at home. The stay for both canine and feline is an atmosphere of love and concern, with daily brushing. Dogs exercise 3 times a day in a fenced in grassy area.

We offer different kennel sizes: small, medium, and large; with indoor/outdoor accommodations, weather-permitting. We provide our own bedding and blankets. We do not  accept large beds for boarding as they do not fit in kennels or in washer/dryer. 

Vaccinations are the only requirements to board your pet(s). The vaccinations that we are requiring of you are for the health of your animal, those animals in the facility and the employees.

All pet vaccinations must be completed and current at least one week before boarding date. Please check vaccine records prior to scheduling boarding.

Canine Pet Boarding

We require all dogs to be current on DHPP, LEPTO, Bordetella, Canine Influenza  and Rabies vaccinations.

Every dog will have their own kennel. If you wish your dogs to be kept together there must be no food aggression. They must be able to eat and drink out of the same bowl. Keep in mind we are not a 24 hour staffed facility and there is no one that is available between the hours of 6 at night until 7 in the morning, if the animals decide they no longer like each other.

Dog boarding is now $40/night
Dog Isolation is $80/night

Feline Pet Boarding

Feline vaccination requirements:  FVRCPLeukemia and Rabies
All vaccinations must be current a week before boarding date.

Cat boarding is $25/night
Cat isolation is $45/night

Boarding for other Small Animals

We provide boarding accommodations for Rabbits, Birds and some other exotic animals. Please call and we will try our best to suit your needs.

Has your dog tried our dogPACER treadmill? 

We would like to introduce you to a new way to keep your dog in shape. Our dogPACER treadmill can be used in the comfort of our temperature controlled training room.

It is made especially for dogs. The track is extra long for our long legged dogs, enabling them to walk with a natural gait. There is a safety clip that attaches to both the dog and control panel which will disengage the machine if the dog steps off of the treadmill.

The dogPACER is used in conjunction with our boarding or daycare programs, but you do not have to board with us to use it.

We are currently offering half hour session for $5. Sign up for a monthly membership for $40, enabling your dog to use the dogPACER as much as you want. during regular business hours.

Contact us for schedule and details.

Dog Pacer